Connectors help import reported data from other data sources, such as ATLAS Case studies, NIST CVEs, AIID incidents, scientific papers in arXiV and other repositories.

List of Connectors

ATLAS Case Study

Adversarial ML case studies hosted on MITRE ATLAS double up as AVID reports or vulnerabilities. Their data are stored as yaml files in the ATLAS GitHub. Given the case study ID, we can import that data as a Report object.

For example, the following code imports the Tay Poisoning case study.

from avidtools.connectors import atlas

CS_ID = 'AML.CS0009'
cs = atlas.import_case_study(CS_ID) # returns a dict in the original schema
report = atlas.convert_case_study(cs) # returns a Report object

Some AI vulnerabilities related to application security or cybersecurity detection models may be cross-posted as CVEs. This data can be queried from the NIST NVD API. Given a CVE ID, we can import that data into a Vulnerability object.

For example, the following code imports the Proofpoint Evasion vulnerability, the first ever ML CVE reported.

from avidtools.connectors import cve

CVE_ID = 'CVE-2019-20634'
cv = cve.import_cve(CVE_ID) # returns a custom dict
vuln = cve.convert_cve(cv) # returns a Report object

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